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Boy Scout Explorer Type 1 Silver Award Eagle Scout LOADED merit badge sash LOOK   VINTAGE Boy Scouts of America Pin "Be Prepared" Eagle& 2 Stars 1911 Pat 3Pieces   1960's Boy Scouts BSA Eagle Scout Award Medal Be Prepared Sterling Pin   Vintage Boy Scout Patch, Sterling hat pin and Item Lot, Eagle Scout 1945   CHIEF SCOUT EXECUTIVE PIN SILVER WREATH + SILVER FDL AND EAGLE   Boy Scout Rank Pins from 1980's 7 Pins Including Eagle Scout   Vintage BSA Awards Boy Scout Robbins Eagle & Explorer Medals w/ coffin case   Vintage Boy Scouts of America 1938 Member Card Packet & 2 Eagle Pins Tenderfoot   Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout Tack Pin Sterling Silver Set of 2   BSA Boy Scout 2010 Eagle Scout Set – Medal, Pins & Patches NEW   Vintage 1930s BSA Award Boy Scout STERLING Robbins 3 Eagle Medal Case   Vintage 1930s BSA Award Boy Scout STERLING Robbins 3 Eagle Medal w/ coffin case   vintage sterling Eagle Scout pin with working locking mechanism   EAGLE SCOUT MEDAL (ROBBINS TYPE 3 WITH BOX   Eagle Scout Collection, 1945 Eagle Medal and Card, Plus Large Neckerchief   Vintage 1940! Boy Scouts Eagle Scout Badge w Box, Certificate & 5 year BSA Pin!   VINTAGE BOY SCOUT Pin Lot, Eagle, Enamel Heart, Be Prepared Star   VINTAGE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA EAGLE SCOUT BADGE MEDAL PIN IN CASE BOX BSA   Sterling Silver BSA Eagle Scout PIn   VINTAGE BOY SCOUTS PIN COLLECTION LOT LETTER DATED 1961 RARE SEA AIR EAGLE BSA   Vintage Boy Scouts Patches Mixed Lot BSA Eagle Patch Merit Badge Life Pin Cards   Vintage Boy Scouts Eagle Scout Badge with Case   Vintage Eagle Scout Merit Sash Pins Patches Hat Order Of The Arrow   Huge Lot Fleur De Lis Eagle Boy Scouts of America 13 Mini Miniature Pin Lot Gold   Vintage Eagle Boy Scouts of America Gold Pin Be Prepared   Leather Pledge The Boy Scout Oath 2 Cub Scout &1 Eagle Scout Pin La Salle IL   Eagle Scout Award, Boy Scouts of America, in Presentation Case~Pin   VINTAGE BOY SCOUT EAGLE SCOUT BE PREPARED EAGLE AWARD MEDAL STERLING SILVER   Vintage Eagle Scout Award Medal BSA Boy Scout of America STERLING Tie tack   Eagle Boy Scout Sterling Silver Type 4 Medal Award Bronze Gold Palm Pin Patch   VINTAGE BSA BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA EAGLE SCOUTS INSIGNIA STERLING MEDAL   LOT OF TWO EAGLE SCOUT BADGES BOXES AND PINS BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA   Rare BSA Stange Type 1 1969 Eagle Scout Medal Award w/ Box & Card Sterling   Eagle Scout Presentation Kit W/Medal, Badge, Tie Clip & Pin in Box Z   Eagle Scout Presentation Kit W/Medal, Badge & Parent Pins in Presentation Box Y   Eagle Scout Presentation Kit W/Medal, Badge & Parent Pins in Presentation Box X   RARE OLD Vntg.Cub Eagle Boy Scout Gold Blue Star 6 Achievement Pin Collectible   Distinguished Eagle Scout Knot Device   Vintage 1930s BSA Award Boy Scout STERLING Robbins 3 Eagle Medal Case   Eagle Scout Rank Metal Medal Type Stange 7 2007-Pre Patch Dad Mom Mentor Pin Box   Vintage Tiny Cub Gold Star Fleur De Lis Eagle Boy Scouts of America Pin   VINTAGE BOY SCOUT EAGLE SCOUT MEDAL PIN RIBBON AND KERCHIEF SLIDES - CUB WOLF   Boy Scout Eagle Scout Badge with Case   Vintage Fleur De Lis EAGLE BOY SCOUT OF AMERICA Yellow GOLD Pin  

Meissen Tableware

The Blue Onion pattern has been in production for close to three centuries. It was basically designed by Höroldt in 1739 and is probably inspired by a Chinese bowl from the Kangxi period. Due to its popularity it has been copied extensively by over sixty companies. Many pieces with the blue onion pattern have been produced by competitors, some of them even using the term Meissen as a marking. The pattern was so popular and widespread that the German Supreme Court in 1926 ruled that the term Meissen Zwiebelmuster ("Meissen Onion Pattern") was in the public domain. Other popular patterns still in production include the Purple Rose pattern and the Vine-leaf pattern. A series of "Court Dragon" and "Red Dragon" tableware patterns feature Chinese dragons in underglaze red with gilded details flying around the rim of the plate and a medallion in the center of the cavetto.