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KPM Berlin Figurines -Boy & Girl Playing Lyre & Sitar- 4.25
KPM Berlin Figurines -Boy & Girl Playing Lyre & Sitar- 4.25"H - Sceptre
Vnt Mid Century KPM Berlin Porcelain DRUNKEN BACCHUS Figurine Boerner/Scheurich
Vnt Mid Century KPM Berlin Porcelain DRUNKEN BACCHUS Figurine Boerner/Scheurich
Antique 1825-60 KPM Royal Berlin Porcelain Blanc de Chine Buffalo 5 x 4.5
Antique 1825-60 KPM Royal Berlin Porcelain Blanc de Chine Buffalo 5 x 4.5"
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KPM Figurine "Kidnapping: Dolphin, carrying a small penguin on its back" 1924   KPM FIGURINE, LADY IN COBALT BLUE/GOLD DRESS, FLOWERS, 8”, MARKED, RARE, MINT!   KPM FIGURINE, Lady in Cobalt Blue/White dress w. flowers & Gold Gild, 8”, Stamp   Vintage antique KPM Germany Bisque Porcelain piano baby-excellent condition   Vintage German KPM Porcelain Boy on Two Baskets with Flowers   KPM Porcelain Figurine: Young Girl in White & Blue/Gold w Flowers 6" Marked Rare   KPM FIGURINE, LADY IN COBALT/BLUE/GOLD DRESS, FLOWER, HAT, UMBRELLA, 9”, MARKED!   Nice Augarten Porcelain Sparrow Bird Figure Figurine Porzellan Spatz Figur Wien   Antique KPM Tankard Stein Jar Lidded Signed Face BIG   KPM Kister Scheibe-Alsbach Germany Couple Boy Girl Courting Figurine #10497   Porcelain polychrome figure block beggar woman with 2 children possibly KPM   KPM “Beast Of Burden” Donkey Blanc de Chine Figurine   KPM 8" Lady Figurine Blue, Gold & White Dress with Flower Bouquet   KPM 8" Lady Figurine in Bonnet, Blue & White Dress with Flowers   KPM - ASIAN PRINCESS - PORCELAIN FIGURINE   Vintage KPM Porcelain Sculptures Victorian Man And Woman In Royal Blue New   SPECTACULAR KPM BERLIN BLANC DE CHINE SMALL BOY FIGURINE ZODIAC SERIES SCORPION   Porcelain Figure Figurine Porzellan Figurine Allegory Berlin 19th century   ANTIQUE KPM FIGURINE OF LADY W/ BASKET OF ROSES - 10.25"H -BLANC DE CHINE-MINT   Antique German KPM Berlin Porcelain Cherub Figure Double Open Salt Dish 19th C.   Vintage KPM Japanese Porcelain Figurine Cobalt Blue/White Gold Trim   KPM Lady with a Fan and a Man with a Wig Pair Blanc de Chine Porcelain Figurine   RARE KPM GERMANY BERLIN PORCELAIN TUMBLING POLAR BEAR FIGURINE   Continental Porcelain KPM Kister Scheibe Alsbach Figurine Angel Globe Cherub   Nice Augarten Porcelain Dog Pekinese Figurine Figure Porzellan Hund Figur Wien   KPM Lady with Flowers Figuring - Perfect Condition   Antique Porcelain Figurine KPM Konigliche Porzellan Manufaktur - Putti Deer Skin   Antique Porcelain Figurine - KPM - Man with Flute   Antique Porcelain Figurine - KPM - Putti Fishing   Antique Porcelain Figurine KPM Konigliche Porzellan Manufaktur - Putti with Goat   Antique Porcelain Figurine - KPM - Putti with Snakes   KPM Vintage Bisque Porcelain Statues of Boy and Girl Heads with Cobalt Blue Base   KPM Berlin 7 3/4" Art Deco 2 Porcelain Figurines Lady & Man Playing Instruments.   ``KPM "Geisha Girl" Porcelain Figurine Kneeling w/ Fan Floral Accent Green Pink   * c.1770 Antique KPM BERLIN Pair Porcelain Figurines Open Salts Cherub Figures   Vintage KPM 5 1/2" Victorian Woman Figurine, on chair, blue white and gold   c1890 Antique German Bisque Lady Goddess Figure KPM Germany Figurine Excellent   Antique KPM Porcelain Figure of Minerva   Monumental Antique KPM Porzellan Porcelain Tiger Lioness Blanc De Chine Figurine   KPM Porcelain Figurine Little Boy with Dog, Fence and Bucket Vintage   PAIR VINTAGE GERMAN KPM PORCELAIN 7 1/2" PIANO BABIES ~ SO SWEET!   20TH C. GERMAN KPM BERLIN PORCELAIN BEAR   KPM Royal Berlin Porcelain Figurine of Coal Miner - Bergmann Bergarbeiter PC   19th century KPM Porcelain Plaque of a Sistine Madonna w/Child  

Meissen Tableware

The Blue Onion pattern has been in production for close to three centuries. It was basically designed by Höroldt in 1739 and is probably inspired by a Chinese bowl from the Kangxi period. Due to its popularity it has been copied extensively by over sixty companies. Many pieces with the blue onion pattern have been produced by competitors, some of them even using the term Meissen as a marking. The pattern was so popular and widespread that the German Supreme Court in 1926 ruled that the term Meissen Zwiebelmuster ("Meissen Onion Pattern") was in the public domain. Other popular patterns still in production include the Purple Rose pattern and the Vine-leaf pattern. A series of "Court Dragon" and "Red Dragon" tableware patterns feature Chinese dragons in underglaze red with gilded details flying around the rim of the plate and a medallion in the center of the cavetto.